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Become a Captivating Speaker
(Available online and onsite)

Learn how to captivate your virtual and in-person audience from the moment you walk into a room and leave them engaged by your message and motivated to take action!

Have you ever attended a lecture, presentation, or meeting, in person or online, only to become completely bored right after the speaker starts to talk? Or worse, have you ever seen this happen to your listeners while you were talking?

As a national public speaking champion with Toastmasters, a global public speaking organization, and a seasoned facilitator of diverse stage experience, I aim to share innovative techniques and strategies that go beyond the ordinary to help you create unforgettable moments that resonate with your listeners.

Through this journey, you'll not only master the art of inspiring action but also delve into the fascinating realm of audience psychology.


By gaining a taste of understanding of the 'cognitive journey' that unfolds during a presentation, meeting, or training session.


This knowledge is a powerful tool, enabling you to sustain engagement, foster receptiveness to new ideas, and ignite inspiration that motivates action.



Participants will leave the workshop feeling more confident, comfortable, and prepared to give captivating talks and motivate their listeners to take action.


This workshop is ideal for any organization looking to enhance the presentation delivery, meeting leadership, and one-on-one communication skills of their employees.


The workshop is available in three formats:


Amparo Leyman Pino

Education Consultant

I have known Lital for over 9 years, the impact she made in my life when coaching me as speaker, still fond in my heart and my soul. Based on this experience I did not hesitate to invite her as guest speaker and mentor for BizWorld's Young Entrepreneur Success Program. She provided tools, guidance, and enthusiastic mentoring to BizWorld's first cohort. Lital gave a wonderful keynote "How to become a fascinating speaker" to prepare the students to pitch their business idea. Her passion and clarity, helped the students to achieve their funding goals. I have only words of gratitude for all what I have learned from her.


David Mrus

Customer Success Manager, G Suite SMB Team at Google

Lital positively demonstrates the importance of an effective stage presence. She engages, communicates and connects with her audiences and delivers a message that resonates.


A motivational speaker and personality whom empowers others to be at their best. Thank You! 


Ilana Rosner

Senior Product Manager at eBay

I invited Lital to give our group of product managers at eBay a workshop on how to become a fascinating speaker. The group is located acorss sites with attendees both in the room and over video conference. The lecture was fascinating and provided us with tools we could implement immediately. Lital successfully engaged the entire audience, on both sides of the video rooms. Team members stayed for 1/2 hour past the planned workshop time for a chance to give a short, on the spot, presentation and get Lital's valuable feedback. I loved Lital's professionalism; her preparations for the workshop, where she learn from me as much as possible about the audience and our needs so she can customize the workshop and tailor it specifically for us. Looking forward towards working with Lital on future events.

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