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How to Become a Fascinating speaker

Learn how to fascinate your audience from the first moment you walk in to a room and in the end, leave them even more fascinated by your message and motivated to take actions

How do you tell a story, or give a lecture, presentation or talk in an intriguing way, that will captivate your audience from the moment you start talking, and motivate them to take action? Have you ever attended a lecture on a topic that fascinates you, only to become completely bored and lose interest shortly after the speaker starts to talk? Or worse, have you ever seen this happening to your audience while you were talking?


As the national champion of Toastmasters public-speaking competition, and as a professional workshop facilitator, I will teach you "tricks" and formulas to help create unforgettable moments for your listeners and inspire them to action, all while lowering your own levels of anxiety and stress before and during your presentation.


It’s recommended to bring to the workshop a presentation that you’d like to work on, or that you’d like to spice up, or simply concentrate on tuning up your general public-speaking skills.


* Available as one-on-one consultation

"I have known Lital for over 9 years, the impact she made in my life when coaching me as speaker, still fond in my heart . Based on this experience I did not hesitate to invite her as guest speaker and mentor for BizWorld's Young Entrepreneur Success Program. She provided tools, guidance, and enthusiastic mentoring to BizWorld's first cohort. Lital gave a wonderful keynote "How to become a fascinating speaker" to prepare the students to pitch their business idea. Her passion and clarity, helped the students to achieve their funding goals. I have only words of gratitude for all what I have learned from her"


Amparo Pino, M.Ed. Education Consultant

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Lital in a public event in Palo Alto and was immediately impressed with her pleasant, professional and direct approach. As I got to know her better I realized that Lital is a great public speaker and an have extraordinary communication skills. I was lucky to get personal tips from Lital for my communication skills and these proved to be effective and helpful. I highly appreciate Lital and would recommend her to any organization that is looking for a communication expert in leading position"  


Eitan Sapir, ​Head of International and Technology Banking at Bank Leumi USA