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Ilana Rosner

Senior Product Manager at eBay

I invited Lital to give our group of product managers at eBay a workshop on how to become a fascinating speaker. The group is located acorss sites with attendees both in the room and over video conference. The lecture was fascinating and provided us with tools we could implement immediately. Lital successfully engaged the entire audience, on both sides of the video rooms. Team members stayed for 1/2 hour past the planned workshop time for a chance to give a short, on the spot, presentation and get Lital's valuable feedback. I loved Lital's professionalism; her preparations for the workshop, where she learn from me as much as possible about the audience and our needs so she can customize the workshop and tailor it specifically for us. Looking forward towards working with Lital on future events. 


David Mrus

Customer Success Manager, G Suite SMB Team at Google

Lital positively demonstrates the importance of an effective stage presence. She engages, communicates and connects with her audiences and delivers a message that resonates. A motivational speaker and personality whom empowers others to be at their best. Thank You!


Amparo Leyman Pino

Education Consultant

I have known Lital for over 9 years, the impact she made in my life when coaching me as speaker, still fond in my heart and my soul. Based on this experience I did not hesitate to invite her as guest speaker and mentor for BizWorld's Young Entrepreneur Success Program. She provided tools, guidance, and enthusiastic mentoring to BizWorld's first cohort. Lital gave a wonderful keynote "How to become a fascinating speaker" to prepare the students to pitch their business idea. Her passion and clarity, helped the students to achieve their funding goals. I have only words of gratitude for all what I have learned from her.


Avi Elfassy

Sales & Partnerships Manager at

I recently took part in a 8-week workshop led by Lital and it was incredible. First and foremost, Lital is a good person with a large heart who genuinely wants people around her to succeed. In addition, Lital is a great leader and motivator, and her seminar was inspiring and impactful. Thank you Lital for the experience and inspiration.


Adi Topel-Mayer

Senior Marketing Manager

It was a great pleasure to participate in a workshop facilitated by Lital and a short one on one coaching session. I recommend anyone with an ambitious goal in life to consult with Lital. She gave 200% from herself to help me fulfill my dreams.


Noam Cohen Maniv

Program Manager at IAC

After looking for a great speaker, I found Lital who educated us as to how to reduce stress when speaking publicly. She gave a smart and witty lecture, enriching the participants with useful tips and ways to stand in front of an audience and preform in an interesting and fascinating way. Moreover, in her hands-on workshop she gave the students friendly and helpful tools as she mentored each of the participants "one on one", providing them with real-time and personal feedback for their one minute speech.


Daniel Hermosa

Payroll Administrator at Auto-Chlor System

Lital was acting as my mentor for the last couple of months and the workshop training with her was absolutely fabulous. She helped me to define my career goals and how to convert my skill set into the act- Getting hired. Lital is lovely, supportive with a high positive attitude that giving you the courage to be successful.


Deby Shevat

Special Education Teacher Assistant at Palo Alto Unified School District

I was fortunate to hear Lital's presentation about public speaking - and it was exactly what I needed. She delivers very clear and structured messages that are tailored to the audience. Her presentation was super fun and engaging. I can't wait to have another opportunity to hear her speak and get even more tools!


Rachel Browning

Logistics and Sales Operations

Lital is amazing! so positive and very clear in delivering her message! The first time I heard Lital's online workshop, I felt so positive , so inspired that I wanted to conquer a mountain! I Just had to bring her to my community, to share her perspectives and tools, to share her story and to show a way to overcome obstacles in Relocation, regardless the amount of time you are here. I simply loved her and I have no doubt you will too! Thank you Lital for giving me the courage to move a step forward in my process here.


Ronit Jacob

Director, Israeli Cultural Connection at OFJCC

After looking for an MC for our community event, I was delighted Lital accepted the position. I loved the idea since I have worked with Lital over the past several years, as a facilitator first and at the ICC career center and she was great. She accepted our invitation and she confirmed the role of MC. I was thrilled. Lital is an incredibly talented facilitator, for large groups and small size groups. Little did I know just how lucky I was when she took on this role. We introduced Lital to her co-host, and they hit it off immediately. Lital took charge and started asking questions, brainstorming ideas and deciding the strengths, that each of the co-hosts brought with them. She is detail oriented, a very outgoing personality and a true optimist. On the day of the event, she got on stage to face an audience of over 3000 people. While on stage, she never lost her cool, spoke smoothly, even if there were last minute changes to the agenda that she needed to ad-lib. She kept her cool the whole time. I felt I could trust her to be on stage as a professional. The crowd loved her! Lital is very creative, a quick problem solver, always calm and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Lital. You made the event a huge success by your professionalism, and at the same time it was an authentic community event, run by people like you from within our community and that made it an even bigger accomplishment.


Tal Goldstein

Founder, CEO at Tal Design

I had the pleasure of witnessing Lital in action at my daughter and her friends' Bat Mitzvah group event. Lital is the perfect person to empower young girls, so she was a great match for this group. She has an amazing personality, is sensitive to the group needs, and can listens intently in order to steer the conversation tow.

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Alon Kruk

Client Solutions Specialist at Kenshoo

In a situation where I changed my country, language, professional and position Lital took the responsibility of preparing me for job interviews (for significant positions in well-known companies in the Silicon Valley) and did so successfully alongside with warmth, kindness, and patience. shortly after, I found a great job that I am happy about. highly recommend!


Irit Rotenberg

Product Manager | Growth | Data Driven | Team Leader

As a precipitant in Lital's workshop, I learned to know a warm, kind and supportive mentor. From day one it felt as if she knew me for a long time with her constant smile on. Lital was very encouraging and caring. She does everything with the best intentions and is always there for you. If you are looking for a supportive, understanding and yet encouraging mentor - contact Lital!


Ronen Perets

Technology Professional. Engineering and Program Management

Lital has a bigger than life personality. She is inclusive and openminded. She would make the Energizer bunny retire and move toFlorida. Lital is a good listener and wants to help, help, and help.She listens to feedback and addresses issues on the spot. I enjoyed our time together very much.

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Roni Antebi

Program Director at SJCC

Lital has been facilitated a group of job search workshop for 2 years at the icc@jcc. Lital is a truly professional facilitator, warm and supportive. She is very sensitive to the group's needs and help them exploring their passions and interests and stimulate action. Lital received an excellent feedback from the group. Lital has very good interpersonal skills which were a huge asset for the workshop: She is highly skilled at building relationships with the participants and the guest speakers we've had throughout the workshop. She cares deeply and has high exceptions for herself and for the people that she works with. She is working independently, with minimal supervision, and I'm confident in giving her significant projects to handle. it has been a pleasure working with Lital. 


Gili Segev

Operations Manager at Folloze

It is not easy to make a group of 18 year olds to not only listen during a session, but to actively participate and share their thoughts, fears and wildest dreams. Lital was the one who managed to do that! With her kindness and down-to-earth kind of way, she managed to gain their trust in minutes. 
The purpose of the session was to find our strength and to identify our weaknesses, just so we know the right way to handle them when the show up. Lital approached the group with great confidence and step by step lead us to the final stage, according to the session goal. She is fantastic as a person, as a group facilitator and as a coacher. She is peoples person, sensitive to peoples reactions and a true leader.


Tal Cohen

Owner at Strong Mama Fitness

I first met Lital as an attendee of one her workshops. Lital immediately hooked me in with her outgoing personality and ability to get people in the room to share very personal stories. These traits helped me reconnect to emotions I neglected underneath the demands of motherhood and allowed me to rediscover myself. At the end of the workshop, I was so impressed that I decided to invite her run the workshop with my clients at a special event. Thanks to her it was a huge success. Participants loved her and came away feeling empowered and energized.


Ram Nov


The most fun day in my life" that is how my daughter (12) summed up Lital's workshop. The workshop was designed for a group of teenage girls, in order to connect them and raise their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love. In adolescence where everything is so sensitive and frail, Lital came to give them a boost and teach them how to turn what they do not like in themselves to strengths, forgive themselves, embrace themselves and understand that they are the most important person in the world. Thank you very much Lital and see you in the next workshops!


Michal Kohane

Rosh Kehila at Prospect Heights Shul, Brooklyn

It was great to work with Lital on Israel in the Gardens, 2013, the largest Jewish community celebration in Northern CA, attracting more than 15,000 attendees. Lital is very dedicated, hard-working and enthusiastic. She works well independently and in a team; is caring and pleasant whether the atmosphere is pleasant or pressured; she is very focused and determined to succeed. It was a great pleasure to work with her!


Eitan Sapir

Head of International and Technology Banking at Bank Leumi USA

​I had the pleasure of getting to know Lital in a public event in Palo Alto and was immediately impressed with her pleasant, professional and direct approach. As I got to know her better I realized that Lital is a great public speaker and an have extraordinary communication skills. I was lucky to get personal tips from Lital for my communication skills and these proved to be effective and helpful. I highly appreciate Lital and would recommend her to any organization that is looking for a communication expert in leading positively.


Hila Levy Kidron

Clinical Dietitian

Recently attended Lital’s workshop. I gained knowledge, motivation and practical tools. The atmosphere felt safe and supportive. Thank you Lital for your engagement!


Manny Lugos

Director, Channel Management at SolarEdge

LItal kicked off our sales meeting with 30+ sales professionals through ice breakers and team building activities. Her moderation / engagement style kept it fun, light hearted, but also allowed our team to get to know each other a little better through the fun play. The importance of taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone were the key themes of her session and it mirrored our learning / training sessions for the week. Job well done.


Noa Friedman

US Manager at Ogen Relocation

We invited Lital to speak in front of a group of women, who relocated to the Bay Area. It was a great success! 

Lital is an amazing speaker, charismatic, full of passion and positive energy and her workshop is an extremely important to get practical tools and taking right actions towards personal goals achievement.

We were so inspired from her workshop and her personality, so Lital became our permanent speaker in our clients morning gatherings.


Elina Rabinowitz

Financial Analysis | Finance Operations | FP&A | Strategic Planning | CPA

I had a pleasure to participate in long term workshop organized and led by Lital. The workshop was very interesting and full of great content. Lital built very smart process and thought about each and every detail of this workshop. Week after week we got plenty of information and inspiration from Lital and more important, we feel her support and her great positive energy! Lital is very professional and enthusiastic in her field and does great motivational work with all participants in the workshop. I am feeling I did the right chose by joining LItal's workshop!


Frank He

Founder & President at HeCares Foundation, Inc.

HeCares Integrative Medicine Center is growing rapidly over the last two years. It was a bit challenging for us to take all ethnicities into account when building a team. Thankfully our COO found Lital through careful research and recommendations. We immediately booked a session with Lital for our October team meeting. Lital provided simple and effective exercises in regards to building a team and communicate better with each other. The most exciting and best received was the onsite hands on practice. Everyone on the team left the meeting inspired and nourished. We highly recommend Lital to anyone who is trying to build a great team!


Robert Withers

Career Counsler at ProMatch

Lital presented a talk at ProMatch titled "How To Become a Fascinating Speaker". She geared it perfectly for the job seekers here at ProMatch. She help them understand how to be more engaging in all types of interviews, networking and other person-to-person interactions, as well as in meetings that they will surely be part of or lead when the return to work. She also demonstrated how we often think and behave in ways that hold us back. To counteract those negative thought patterns she demonstrated how turn them around into positive thoughts and behaviors. A really powerful presentation for people going through the ups and downs of job search.


Narmadha Parthasarathy

Technical Lead at Intel Corporation

I worked with Lital Cohen on a seminar at Cumberland Elementary school. It was very easy to work with and get her set up for the presentation. From the moment she entered the stage, she had her audience riveted on her. She ensured that her audience were engaged by involving them in her seminar. Adding humor to a serious topic like "How to be a fascinating speaker" is hard but she managed to do that seamlessly. As an aspiring public speaker, I had a lot that I could take back. I am looking forward to attending her other sessions.


Sumner Komro

Regional Sales Manager at SolarEdge Technologies

Sales trainings are often 2 to 3 days long locked in a conference room. This year, Lital’s team building was a welcome break from the typical action, and provided some truly original content. With a sense of humor and some unique activities, we all got exposed to the “people” that are normally just our colleagues.


Jeff Zissulis

Director of Sales - North at SolarEdge Technologies

Our company brought in Lital to do some well needed team building. I can't believe how quickly she got our group of 30+ salespeople to open up and engage in the exercises. She has a great way of making the participants comfortable and opening up. I hope we get to work with Lital again!


Hadar Greenfield

Community Operations & Engagement Manager at Israeli-American Council (IAC)

Thank you Lital for your awesome presentation! I loved how you made the audience laugh again and again while keeping every member of the audience hanging on your every word. That was absolutely awe-inspiring. I would love to host you as a speaker many times in the future, your talk was fascinating and had a meaningful impact on us.


Stav Weiss

Attorney, Real Estate Consultant at Stav Weiss and Associates

I had the honor of cooperating with Lital as part of a lecture she gave Israelis who relocated to Silicon Valley. The theme was "How to find the strength and regain confidence when you are relocating to a foreign country and you have to start your career from scratch". Lital gave practical resources and tools to help the audience improve their status, such as improving the language, finding work, etc. Lital found the right words to excite the participants and conveyed the messages correctly and accurately. The audience came out with new insights and energy to act for change. Thank you Lital for your contribution to helping the Israeli community in relocation in Silicon Valley.


Tsipi Amikam

Risk / Operation / Project Manager

Lital is a dedicated professional facilitator and a gifted mentor. As participant in one of Lital's workshop, I was empowered by her warm personality and wise advice. She is sensitive and caring as well as pragmatic and committed. Lital's value is significant and I gladly recommend her.

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Hagit Segal

Web Designer

I had the pleasure of attending a Job Search workshop led by Lital Cohen. Lital is BY FAR the most empowering person I have ever met. She gave each one of us the opportunity to walk in our unique professional way, she provided great advice on how to move ourselves forward in the direction and pace that was right for us. Lital has the talent to be kind, honest, genuine, and supportive and at the same time encourage and challenge us to get out our comfort zone, explore opportunities, face our fears, and improve ourselves as humans and professionals. Lital is a true inspiration to me and I highly recommend to any individual and organization to meet her and learn about way that she can help you.


Gil Gonen

Clinical Trial Manager

It has been a great pleasure to participate in one of Lital's workshops. She is sensitive and honest but more than anything,Lital has the ability to motivate people to act. She was particularly helpful in the preparation for a job interview (don't forget to smile!) and was very supportive throughout the process.


Olivier Yuval Minkowski

Project & Program Management | Security & Resilience | Global Cross-functional Team Leadership | Strategic Engagement

I enjoyed participating in Lital's workshops. She is an amazing and energizing Immigrants and Career Coach. Lital knows how to move an audience and get the best out of them. She is connected to the participants, emotionally and practically in her approach. I highly recommend using her professional services.


Andrea Balkanyi Scheiner

QA Engineer

I participated in one of Lital's workshop at the JCC in Palo Alto. Lital is a very professional instructor and a mentor with much knowledge in the local work market. She is one of those rare people who know how to read you and match you the advice and guidance you need. Her practices and training are valuable, and I am confident that they will help me during my employment search.


Mirit Elimelech

Director of Marketing and Business Development DCatalog

Lital is a brilliant guru both in Workshops and Private Mentoring Sessions! She has a positive approach and a pleasant personality. It has been an outstanding experience for me working with Lital, she is the right person to give you the courage and the knowledge you need to accomplish your personal and professional goals and to guide you to your right direction.


Yael Dror

Sports Nutritionist and Physiologist

I worked with Lital in preparation for the big event held at the JCC in Palo Alto. Lital was my coach and mentor for public speaking. She taught me how to send the message of the lecture in a clear and energetic way. She is a very talented person. She is full of knowledge, creativity and the ability to teach you how to enjoy "public speaking" even if you don’t think you can. She has a charming personality and a great smile. I was very impressed by Lital work and I think she can contribute to anyone who wishes to improve his public speaking. Highly recommend.


Gali Beck

Owner at Side by Side

We had Lital giving an empowerment workshop for moms after given birth at the Libi center by ICC@JCC. Lital delivered a highly professional experience for these women, and was able to touch every participants and come out of the workshop with great insights for their future. Lital is a passionate and inspirational professional.


Abe Askenazi

CTO at Zero Motorcycles, Inc.

I had the great opportunity to work with Lital after I agreed to be part of Zang Talk, a lecture series she and a couple of other colleagues were initiating. Lital offered to coach me on my presentation, and I am glad that I accepted. Her constructive advice was spot on, and I felt that my presentation, both in terms of material and form, became much stronger. The continued success of Zang Talk is in great part due to Lital's strength of vision and sense for how a compelling and engaging presentation should take form.


Joanna Thurmann

Pastoral Minister

Lital is unparalleled in her responsiveness and thoroughness.She made training delivery tp be turn-key. And she is one of the most personable and pleasant professionals I have worked with. Lital works best in a dynamic environment that needs a person to just 'get things done'.

לוגו עם רקע שקוף.png

Abe Askenazi

CTO at Zero Motorcycles, Inc.

Lital coached me on my presentation. Her constructive advice was spot on, and I felt that my presentation, both in terms of material and form, became much stronger.  Lital's strength of vision and sense for how a compelling and engaging presentation should take form.


Nadia Belkind

Interpersonal Communication Specialist at Stanford

This Fall, I had a great pleasure hosting Lital's workshop at Stanford Bechtel International Center. Her ability to share knowledge in a meaningful and engaging way is extraordinary! During her workshop, she made the participants envision their desired professional and personal future and to step into it. I highly recommend attending one of her brilliant workshops!


Eva Gagnon

Co-Founder at nudge | Licensed Bilingual Marriage and Family Therapist/ Sex Therapy Specialist Kaiser Permanente

I had the pleasure of meeting Lital at a Women Founders meetup event. We instantly connected and I was impressed with her contagious positivity and personable nature. Lital has a gift and a passion of empowering others as a mentor and a professional speaker through workshops, seminars and corporate events. Lital offered to support our Women Founders community by presenting one of her powerful workshops: "How to Live Courageously" to a group of women entrepreneurs and it was a truly inspiring evening. Lital has an innate ability to move and capture her audience with her knowledge, charisma and authentic personality. She provided valuable insights, evidence-based interventions and practical tips and tools on how to conquer fears throughout our professional journey. She also did a great job in allowing participants to feel safe enough to bring up questions, share personal examples of struggles and breakthroughs which allowed for a very interactive and intimate experience. I walked away that evening, and so did all of the other participants, with a renewed sense of courage and a sense of empowerment. Lital is not only a stellar professional in her craft, but more importantly, a wonderful human being. I'm lucky to know her.


Einat Kagan

Program Manager at Google

I had the pleasure to participate in a workshop facilitated by Lital. Lital is a very professional instructor, intelligent and empathetic. She knows how to reach people, encourage them to succeed and overcome their inner fears. Lital is enthusiastic and gives you the tools and encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals. I am so glad I took part in the amazing workshop that Lital created.

Highly recommended. Thank you, Lital!


Kate Khatseyeva

Human Resources Business Partner

It was a great pleasure to participate in the workshop lead by Lital at the Bechtel International Center at Stanford. The techniques she used during the workshop were effective and applicable to daily use. Lital has a great personality. She is very good at motivating and inspiring people. I'm looking forward to working with her more.


Naama Kruh

Product Designer | UX Expert | UX Researcher

I recently participated in a long term workshop that was brilliantly led by Lital. It was a real pleasure. I was amazed time after time by her professionalism, charisma and most of all by her willingness to help the workshop participants and how much she really cared. she has given full attention to each and every one. her ability to allow people achieve their goals and believe in their own abilities and strengths is remarkable. She is truly inspirational.


Natalie Lim

Student at University of Pennsylvania

Recently, I had the pleasure of being mentored by Lital during a public speaking workshop through Bizworld's Young Entrepreneur Success program. She is extremely experienced and enthusiastic, offering exceptional advice on how to present in a concise and engaging manner. Her feedback was integral to the success of my final business idea pitch, for which my team was awarded People's Choice award in Bizworld's Girlpreneur competition. Overall, working with Lital was wonderful and I am extremely grateful for her mentorship


Padmaja Nadkarni

Software Developer

Lital is one of the most impressive and inspiring speakers I have ever listened to. Her recent speech at ProMatch was captivating and informative at the same time. She guided us about how to effectively use storytelling as a tool to engage with audience. Her passion for her work comes through and I hope she shares her advice to enlighten and empower many others!


Orly Barklis

Account Operations & Marketing at Cynerio

Lital is extremely charismatic and insightful! Lital has led a workshop with my group "The power to live courageously" .We found the workshop to be incredible, eyeopening and provided us with practical tools to achieve our meaningful personal goals. Highly recommended!


Glenn Ladue

Project Management & Design

Although becoming a better speaker is an age old idea, Lital Cohen brought it to life in an entirely new way. I had the pleasure of attending her facilitative teaching events for job seekers. She developed an exciting approach for public speaking skills to dramatically improve our talents for interviewing. In fact, throughout her teaching I never even thought about anything I already knew or heard before. A couple hours later I realized that and said to myself "Wow, what just happened? that was truly enlightening.


Itamar Sabo

VP/GM, Americas Region at Reblaze

I had the pleasure of meeting Lital for a coaching session. Lital brings exceptional positive energy and listening capabilities, coupled with very strong intuition and experience. She knows how to read the situation well and adapt to the needs of the person in front of her. She’s focused, professional, and provided the right advice at the right time.

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Hagit Shekal

Branch Office Manager at ERAN Emotional First Aid by Telephone & Internet

Powerful, colorful and an enthusiastic presenter Lital joined a Crisis Line volunteers event. She gave us a virtual presentation about “The power to live courageously”. Lital shared openly her life journey and gave us a live model example on how to become courageous. Lital was empowering, authentic and very motivating.


Zurit Weiss

Director, Product Management

I participated in one of Lital’s workshops. Lital is someone with whom you connect from the very first moment. She is a wonderful listener and desires to help you and motivate you to excel. Her energy is off the charts. I have been participated in quite a few workshops and it is always amazes me to see a facilitator that is able to create an inclusive environment where people can open up and feel comfortable to share and help others. Lital made it all happen!


Gali Zilber

Urban and Public Transportation Planner

From the first time I met with Lital, I realized that there is something special about her. She is authentic and THE person who can assist and encourage during career transitions. 

​Right from the starting point, Lital made me feel comfortable and knew right away what were my professional and emotional needs. 

In the following sessions, she gave me practical and professional tools to achieve my career goals (for example: what not/to do during interviews), as well as providing life changing tools. 
I was certain that together, everything- whatever it might have been- was going to be totally fine. she was there for me every step of the way and kept pushing me forward. she took a big challenge (Me) and I appreciate and thankful for putting all her effort in helping me to grow. ​


Mor Moria Shipony

Graphic Designer

Lital’s Career Workshop and Private Mentoring Sessions are highly recommended! There is no one like her. She has the ability to describe your situation, whatever it is, accurately; and guide you to your right direction. She lifted up my energy level and cheered for every step I took towards my goals.  I felt comfortable to be emotional, even fell apart at times; and knew that Lital is right there, collecting all the small pieces and helping me stay centered.  She is exactly the person you want around you, during this hard and emotional phase of job searching in the Bay Area. 


Kohavit Shahar

Global Logistics operation manager

I had the pleasured to participate at a workshop instructed by Lital. Lital has a wonderful coaching & mentoring skills. she has a very positive influence on my career path she helped me to dig into my mind and found what is my passion and defined my goals. To any of you who consider using Lital's services - don't hesitate. She is the best mentor in the bay area.


Liat Shapira

Bussiness Advisor

I had a couple of sessions with Lital.
I came into those sessions very confused and came out on the other side with lots of insight and newfound focus. I also got some smart advice and a good set of tools. Lital is amazing. She has the ability to boost confidence and to immediately make an impact. I would absolutely recommend Lital to everyone I know.


Neta Klein

Quality Assurance | Clinical Trials | Food Engineering

Lital is a wonderful mentor both in group and one on one, she has a very positive attitude and inspires confident in a professional way. It has been an excellent experience working with Lital, she is enthusiastic and gives you just enough encouragement to give you the courage to step forward towards your career goals.


Michelle Khermosh

NPI | PM | SCM | Procurment

I have met Lital in a group session. Lital is amazing, she has a great positive energy and some good advise. I recommend anyone who is interested of "Doing" and not only "Being" to contact Lital.


Michelle Guelfand

MBA, NLP Trainer and Speaker

I participated in a group Lital facilitated.  Lital facilitation style is very authentic, supportive, and empowering. She is very professional and cares about everyone in the group. She sees where each member is at,and connects with empathy. She brings positivity and guides for personal and professional growth. It was an honor meeting Lital as a professional, and a friend.


Anna Avigad

2 D Concept Artist, Illustrator&Designer at Anna Avigad Studio

Lital was my mentor for two months. She is a brilliant, inspirational person, guided me confidently and gently on my way to success. We did an exciting way together.

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