CORE workshops for corporate, are customized in order to achieve your team’s goals, while facilitating a unifying team experience. Through various dynamic group exercises — inspired by behavioral sciences, positive psychology, acting and improv — employees get to know each other better, generate empathy toward others and build trust between one another. They go on a unique journey, comfortably outside their comfort zone, to achieve something greater together.

Fun is guaranteed!

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    How to Become a Captivating Speaker

    2 hr  | Time may vary

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    How do you tell a story, or give a lecture, presentation or talk in an intriguing way that will captivate your audience...

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    Unique Team Building Experience

    2 hr | Time may vary

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    This workshop creates a unifying team experience. Through various dynamic and fun group exercises...

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    Business Facilitation

    Time's set upon your request

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    Do you need an experienced professional facilitator to facilitate your next meeting or event? If yes, click on "Learn More"...

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    The Power to Live 


    1 hr 30 min | Time may vary

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    We all have goals we wish to achieve. Goals can make us passionate and excited about the future...