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CORE workshops for corporate, are customized in order to achieve your team’s goals, while facilitating a unifying team experience. Through various dynamic group exercises — inspired by behavioral sciences, positive psychology, acting and improv — employees get to know each other better, generate empathy toward others and build trust between one another. They go on a unique journey, comfortably outside their comfort zone, to achieve something greater together.

Fun is guaranteed!

How Do I Live Courageously?

“Being brave doesn't mean you are not scared, it just means that you do it anyway” 

We all have goals we wish to achieve. Goals can make us passionate and excited about the future. They can also arouse insecurities and doubts about the decision-making process, which can influence the life path we choose to pursue or avoid. In this workshop, I will share inspirational stories that touch upon the process of conquering fears, in order to reach one’s highest potential.


I will share with you my own experiences of side-stepping certain limitations rooted in my own family’s and society’s core beliefs, that no longer served me, in order to stretch outside my comfort zone — a practice I now embrace in my daily lifestyle. Free from internal and external reservations, I moved to two different countries over a short period of time for the sake of adventure; woke up one morning and left a good job to start my own company; jumped out of an airplane merely two hours after being propositioned to do so; participated in a Chinese singing competition in front of hundreds of people even though I don’t speak Chinese and am certainly no singer; and more.


I will provide practical and user-friendly tools that enable participants to see themselves compassionately. The tools function to empower participants to conquer insecurity, procrastination and self-doubt, resulting in behaviors that lead to taking active steps towards pursuing life in “power mode” and achieving what they desire to become. Let’s be our own sculptors, chipping away at old patterns.

"I first met Lital as an attendee of one her workshops. Lital immediately hooked me in with her outgoing personality and ability to get people in the room to share very personal stories. These traits helped me reconnect to emotions I neglected underneath the demands of motherhood and allowed me to rediscover myself. At the end of the workshop, I was so impressed that I decided to invite her run the workshop with my clients at a special event. Thanks to her it was a huge success. Participants loved her and came away feeling empowered and energized"

Tal Cohen, Owner at Strong Mama Fitness


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How to Become a Fascinating speaker

Learn how to fascinate your audience from the first moment you walk in to a room and in the end, leave them even more fascinated by your message and motivated to take actions

How do you tell a story, or give a lecture, presentation or talk in an intriguing way, that will captivate your audience from the moment you start talking, and motivate them to take action? Have you ever attended a lecture on a topic that fascinates you, only to become completely bored and lose interest shortly after the speaker starts to talk? Or worse, have you ever seen this happening to your audience while you were talking?


As the national champion of Toastmasters public-speaking competition, and as a professional workshop facilitator, I will teach you "tricks" and formulas to help create unforgettable moments for your listeners and inspire them to action, all while lowering your own levels of anxiety and stress before and during your presentation.


It’s recommended to bring to the workshop a presentation that you’d like to work on, or that you’d like to spice up, or simply concentrate on tuning up your general public-speaking skills.


* Available as one-on-one consultation

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Lital in a public event in Palo Alto and was immediately impressed with her pleasant, professional and direct approach. As I got to know her better I realized that Lital is a great public speaker and an have extraordinary communication skills. I was lucky to get personal tips from Lital for my communication skills and these proved to be effective and helpful. I highly appreciate Lital and would recommend her to any organization that is looking for a communication expert in leading position"  


Eitan Sapir, ​Head of International and Technology Banking at Bank Leumi USA


Team Building Unique Experience

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people"

Steve Jobs


This workshop creates a unifying team experience. Through various dynamic and fun group exercises — inspired by Behavioral Sciences, Positive Psychology, Acting and Improv — participants go on a powerful journey outside their comfort zone to achieve something greater together.


They will learn to value team members more, both individually and together, and to develop a strong mutual support system as an empowered team. The number of sessions and exercise content is specially suited to the participants.


* Custom workshop is available


Meeting & Event Facilitation

Do you need an experienced professional facilitator to facilitate your next meeting or a company event? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Meeting Facilitation: 

Tell me the objectives you want the meeting to achieve, and I’ll design a customized agenda to suit your end-goals and company’s culture. Together we’ll refine it and once the agenda is set, I’ll facilitate your meeting effectively and energetically.  


My inclusive introverted-extroverted facilitation approach ensures that everyone in the room is granted the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. I’ll make sure the participants feel appreciated and motivated to work as a team and achieve the end-goals you had in mind.  

Event Facilitation: 

As a professional facilitator for many years, public speaking national champion in Toastmasters  and a theater actress - the stage is my second home.  

Tell me the objectives you want the event to achieve  and I'll design the agenda to suit the purpose of the event and the company's culture. Together we’ll refine it and once the agenda is set, I’ll facilitate your event effectively and energetically.  

It does not mater if there are 5 or 5,000 people in the crowd, professionalism entertainment are guaranteed.   

"After looking for an MC for our event, I was delighted Lital accepted the position. I loved the idea since I have worked with Lital over the past several years, as a facilitator and she was great. Lital is an incredibly talented facilitator, for large groups and small size groups. She is detail oriented, a very outgoing personality and a true optimist.

On the day of the event, she got on stage to face an audience of over 3000 people. While on stage, she never lost her cool, spoke smoothly, even if there were last minute changes to the agenda that she needed to ad-lib. The crowd loved her! Lital is very creative, a quick problem solver, always calm and a pleasure to work with.

 Lital made the event a huge success".

Ronit Jacob, Director at OFJCC