Business Facilitation


Do you need an experienced professional facilitator to facilitate your next meeting or a company event? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Meeting Facilitation: 

Tell me the objectives you want the meeting to achieve, and I’ll design a customized agenda to suit your end-goals and company’s culture. Together we’ll refine it and once the agenda is set, I’ll facilitate your meeting effectively and energetically.  


My inclusive introverted-extroverted facilitation approach ensures that everyone in the room is granted the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. I’ll make sure the participants feel appreciated and motivated to work as a team and achieve the end-goals you had in mind.  

Event Facilitation: 

As a professional facilitator for over eleven years, public speaking national champion in Toastmasters  and a theater actress - the stage is my second home.  

Tell me the objectives you want the event to achieve  and I'll design the agenda to suit the purpose of the event and the company's culture. Together we’ll refine it and once the agenda is set, I’ll facilitate your event effectively and energetically.  

It does not mater if there are 5 or 5,000 people in the crowd, professionalism entertainment are guaranteed.   

"After looking for an MC for our event, I was delighted Lital accepted the position. I loved the idea since I have worked with Lital over the past several years, as a facilitator and she was great. Lital is an incredibly talented facilitator, for large groups and small size groups. She is detail oriented, a very outgoing personality and a true optimist. On the day of the event, she got on stage to face an audience of over 3000 people. While on stage, she never lost her cool, spoke smoothly, even if there were last minute changes to the agenda that she needed to ad-lib. The crowd loved her! Lital is very creative, a quick problem solver, always calm and a pleasure to work with.

 Lital made the event a huge success".

Ronit Jacob, Director at OFJCC