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How to thrive through
an organizational change

Type: In-person, virtual, hybrid 

Categories: Team building, corporate events, leadership programs, well-being programs

Audience: Leaders and individual contributors who want to learn how to face change head-on and succeed 


With the tremendous changes companies are going through, now more than ever, we need better skills to manage change in a way that increases our happiness and engagement in the work environment. 


Join us to gain strategic, mental, and behavioral-based tools to support your well-being and thrive in a dynamic professional environment.


**This introduction workshop can also be delivered as a 2 part hands-on session to practice the tools we gained in the introduction workshop.** 


During this workshop, we will discover:

  • The psychological reasons why people are not fond of change or know how to manage it effectively 

  • Behavioral and strategic tools to adapt to change in a work environment 


What’s included:

  •  Personalized curriculum

  • 60-90 minutes introduction session 

  • Additional time for questions and comments 

  • Flexible scheduling designed for busy professionals 


Additional information: Ongoing conversations with the instructor via emails are offered after each session to ask questions or share your thoughts regarding this topic privately 


Keywords: Coping with change, Effective Communication, Mental Empowerment, User-friendly tools.

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