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The powHER to live courageously
Set your goals and clear the path to achieving them

Type: In-person, virtual, and hybrid; I can visit your location

Categories: Team building, Corporate events, Wellbeing Programs

Audience: Mostly women professionals, but everyone else is welcome!



Learn how to conquer fears and self-doubt to reach your biggest potential! We all have goals we wish to achieve. Goals can make us passionate and excited about the future. Still, they can also awaken insecurities and doubt to a point where we avoid taking the actions necessary for our self-growth. In this workshop, you will gain practical tools to conquer insecurity, procrastination, and self-doubt. You will witness positive mindset results on the spot, leading to taking active steps towards pursuing a life in “power mode” and achieving what you desire. 


**This topic can deliver as a one-time introduction workshop as well as  a two-part hands-on workshop**


We will learn how to:

  • Step outside your emotional comfort zone comfortably 

  • The psychological reasons why people are not fond of stepping outside their comfort zone, even at the price of unfulfillment, 

  • Emotional and behavioral tools inspired by Behavioral Sciences and 

  • Positive Psychology to achieve personal and professional goals 

  • Practice the tools in real-time and in a safe environment, supported by the instructor 


This is an interactive course. That said, the choice to share your journey with the group is yours, and being an active listener is also welcomed Audience: Mostly female professionals, but everyone at the organization is welcome to join 


What’s included:  

  • A chance to win FREE 50 minutes private session with the instructors to elevate individual course desired goals! 

  • Personalized curriculum

  • Additional time for questions and comments 

  • Interactive activities and hands-on exercises to deepen knowledge 

Flexible scheduling designed for busy professionals


Let’s talk!

A little taste from the workshop:

Lital Cohen  - The power to live courageously

Nadia Belkind

Instructor of Interpersonal Communication Skills at Stanford University

I had a great pleasure hosting Lital's workshop at Stanford Bechtel International Center. Her ability to share knowledge in a meaningful and engaging way is extraordinary! During her workshop, she made the participants envision their desired professional and personal future and to step into it. I highly recommend attending one of her brilliant workshops.


Eva Gagnon

Co-Founder at nudge | Licensed Bilingual Marriage and Family Therapist/ Sex Therapy Specialist Kaiser Permanente

 Lital offered to support our Women Founders community by presenting one of her powerful workshops: "How to Live Courageously"  and it was a truly inspiring evening. Lital has an innate ability to move and capture her audience with her knowledge, charisma and authentic personality. She provided valuable insights, evidence-based interventions and practical tips and tools on how to conquer fears throughout our professional journey. 


Orly Barklis

Account Operations & Marketing at Cynerio

Lital is extremely charismatic and insightful! Lital has led a workshop with my group "The power to live courageously" .

We found the workshop to be incredible, eyeopening and provided us with practical tools to achieve our meaningful personal goals. Highly recommended!

PowHer The Choice to Live Courageousely
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