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Talk so that your team REALLY hears you

Type: Virtual, in-person, and hybrid 

Categories: Leadership program, team building, corporate events, well-being programs

Audience: Leaders and future leaders 


Gain practical communication boosters to improve your communication skills with your team! Are you looking to improve your communication skills with colleagues and industry professionals? Hoping to increase interest, engagement, and buy-in for your ideas? What about handling difficult conversations effectively? Here is your chance to participate in a dynamic workshop where you will learn to use proven, super-simple communication boosters with ease and confidence


**This topic can also be delivered as a private session or two-part course, with practice and feedback on the spot**


Together, we will discover:

  • What is effective communication, and why is it challenging for a lot of us to use it

  • How to use strategic, behavioral, and mental communication tools to Increase the team’s interest, engagement, and buy-in for your ideas

  • How to handle difficult conversations effectively

  • How to avoid miscommunication

  • How to achieve your professional desired outcome and, by that, contribute to the company’s success Audience: Organization leaders and future leaders


What’s included:

Personalized curriculum

90 minutes workshop

Additional time for questions and comments

Interactive activities and hands-on exercises to deepen the knowledge

Flexible scheduling designed for busy professionals


Additional information: Ongoing conversations with the instructor via emails are offered to ask questions or share your thoughts regarding this topic privately


Keywords: Effective Communication, Mental Empowerment, User-friendly tools In-person/virtual Opportunity, Yes Country, Worldwide.

A little taste from the workshop:

Talk so your team listens.jpg
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