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Team Building Unique Experience

"Great things in business are never done by one person; 

they're done by a team of people" Steve Jobs


This workshop creates a unifying team experience. Through various dynamic and fun group exercises — inspired by Behavioral Sciences, Positive Psychology, Impriv and Art — participants go on a powerful journey outside their comfort zone to achieve something greater together. 

My inclusive introverted-extroverted facilitation approach ensures that everyone in the room is granted the opportunity to contribute to the activity. I’ll make sure the participants feel appreciated and motivated to work as a team and achieve the end-goals the organizer had in mind.  Fun is guaranteed ! 

"HeCares Integrative Medicine Center is growing rapidly over the last two years. Not only are we serving patients from all over the world, but also trying to build a strong and diversified team. It was a bit challenging for us to take all ethnicities into account when building a team. Thankfully our COO found Lital through careful research and recommendations. We immediately booked a session with Lital for our team meeting. Lital provided simple and effective exercises in regards to building a team and communicate better with each other. The most exciting and best received was the onsite hands on practice. Everyone on the team left the meeting inspired and nourished."


Frank He, Founder & President at HeCares Foundation, Inc.