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Team Building Unique Experience


This workshop creates a unifying team experience. Through various dynamic and fun group exercises inspired by Behavioral Sciences, Childhood Memories, Improv, and Art — participants go on a powerful journey outside their comfort zone to achieve something greater together. 

My inclusive introverted-extroverted facilitation approach ensures that everyone in the room matters! They are all granted the opportunity to contribute to the activity, so nobody sits down, and everyone has fun!

I’ll make sure the participants feel appreciated and motivated to work as a team and achieve the end goals the organizer had in mind. 

photos taken by Tal Design

Manny Lugos

Director, Channel Management at SolarEdge

LItal kicked off our sales meeting with 30+ sales professionals through ice breakers and team building activities. Her moderation / engagement style kept it fun, light hearted, but also allowed our team to get to know each other a little better through the fun play. The importance of taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone were the key themes of her session and it mirrored our learning / training sessions for the week. Job well done.


Frank He

Founder & President at HeCares Foundation, Inc.

Thankfully our COO found Lital through careful research and recommendations. We immediately booked a session with Lital for our October team meeting. Lital provided simple and effective exercises in regards to building a team and communicate better with each other. The most exciting and best received was the onsite hands on practice. Everyone on the team left the meeting inspired and nourished. We highly recommend Lital to anyone who is trying to build a great team!


Jeff Zissulis

Director of Sales - North at SolarEdge Technologies

Our company brought in Lital to do some well needed team building. I can't believe how quickly she got our group of 30+ salespeople to open up and engage in the exercises. She has a great way of making the participants comfortable and opening up. I hope we get to work with Lital again!

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"Lital did a fantastic job with our sales team training. She brought a strong enthusiasm that drew us in right away.

She is very positive and her energy lifted up the room and insured sincere participation from our team.

The activities and techniques were well matched to our needs. The best part is the lessons from the sessions were very clear as to how to take them back to improve our interactions with our colleagues and customers."

Mark Abrams, Director of Sales at SolarEdge 

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