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Hi, my name is Lital Cohen, Founder of CORE. It is nice to meet you!

My vocation is to help people find the courage to be the best version of themselves.

On life’s journey, people often adopt thoughts and behaviors that hold them back, due to life changes, not believing in themselves, fears, indecisiveness, and so on. Helping people free themselves from these patterns, and find ways to love themselves enough to put their best foot forward and express themselves in the most desirable way possible, is my lifework.


Based on over eleven years’ experience — as a professional speaker in various companies and organizations; as a mentor for immigrants; on learning from extensive personal sessions with clients; and by giving workshops worldwide — I’ve put together entertaining interactive workshops, enriching lectures, one-on-one mentor sessions, and facilitating programs.


My ideology stems from the fields of Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Positive Psychology, Empowerment, Theater and Improv, and from lessons learned from some of my most profound life experiences. These sessions aim to guide people to love themselves more, develop empathy and achieve higher performance at their workplace and in their personal lives. Together we will develop self-esteem, team communication and presentation skills.

I’ve worked with small audiences, and large ones of over 2000 people — spanning ages 12 to 99 — at high-tech companies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, women’s empowerment groups, underrepresented populations, with prisoners and prison guards.


Following my adventurous appetite, I relocated to Taiwan, and won the National Championship in English Public Speaking, at Toastmasters — the largest Public Speaking and Leadership Skills organization in the world. As a performer and theater actress I’ve performed in diverse roles in front of thousands of people. Having an M.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences means that working with people brings out the best in me, and my lifework in return is to connect them to the best version of themselves.


Lifting people up is in my DNA! Join me for unforgettable moments that will move audiences (literally and figuratively), and that will inspire and encourage you to take action and reach your fullest potential. Take your foot off the break that life often places in front of us, slowing us down on our way to becoming who we want to be as an individual, as a family member, as a colleague, etc. Learn to live courageously. I’ll help you dare to be the best and most true you.

"As a precipitant in Lital's workshop, I learned to know a warm, kind and supportive mentor. From day one it felt as if she knew me for a long time with her constant smile on. Lital was very encouraging and caring. She does everything with the best intentions and is always there for you. If you are looking for a supportive, understanding and yet encouraging mentor - contact Lital!"


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