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Self- Humor- Why Should I Care About It?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Laugh about yourself, privately and with other people! That will make you truly live comfortably in your own skin.

We all have wisdom, talents, gifts and beauty within us. Usually these are the parts we show to the world, mostly the virtual one. It’s good, even great. After all, these are ours to express.

I call you to feel, express and especially to accept (!) the humanly, silly at times places, that allow you to connect with the inner child. The child in your heart, that just wants to RUN fast, JUMP high and LAUGH hard, especially from something that he/she has done. The same child that long time ago, didn't give a S#$%T about the way his/her funny thoughts and behavior appear to others.

Let's compare the seriousness and "put together" sides of us, to a sailing ship for a moment: The serious, responsible side will be the anchor that keeps the ship from being swept into the ocean. This is IMPORTANT when you need to stay centered and focused on your goals. Self- humor and silliness are the wind blowing in the sails, whispering - "just go for it" Self-humor keeps the spirit younger and the body healthier. It’s like we are saying- Hey-HERE I AM, it’s not perfect but it's damn awesome **************** In order to sail far, to be who we wish to be (and not just who we are) – we need BOTH- the anchor and the wind: Focused and responsibility on one hand. Self-humor and silliness on the other. Express BOTH. (That's what I did in this blog for example )

To a life full of put together, focused and self-humor moments

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